This blog is dedicated to a serious problem: Air Pollution.

Air Pollution influences people’s health, economy of a country and the environment.

Each of us should be aware of what we can do to prevent Air Pollution. Together we can reduce bad effects of Air Pollution.

It was created during our participation in Learning Circle Group 1: Global Issues (The Environment) September 2013.

Sponsoring teacher: Hanna Hryshchuk

Participants: Lada Shcherbitskaya, Ann Kostiukevich, Oleg Vaisman.

Country: Belarus, Minsk

” This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat.”                                                                                                                  Marianne Williamson


11 responses to “About”

  1. Abraham Badlissi (@Abrahambadlissi) says :

    I found your investigation very interesting, and I’m glad that someone worries about that kind of problem

  2. Karina Collins says :

    I found this website very informative, it gives you a detailed explanation of how and why the air is so polluted. And most of all how we can help reduce this big problem.

  3. Alvaro José Anaya Aldana says :

    Your investigation was really good, interesting and well explained. I love the way in which you stated the causes, the efects, and the solution to a very important problem.Very good job on your investigation.

  4. Alvaro Llamas says :

    I believe that air pollution is one of the major environmental problems and I think it is important what this project represents.

  5. alonsojuanl says :

    Nice work! I really enjoyed reading your webpage. I look forward to work on other environmental awareness projects. Great work!

    Alonso Juan – Cartagena, Colombia

  6. Diego Segrera says :

    Hello my name is Diego and I am from Colombia. What an interesting invesitagtion. Its good to see people wanting to change the world. Keep on researching on this topic, you’re doing great.

  7. Ricardo David says :

    I found this investigation very interesting. Its shows us all the ways that we can avoid contamination, and some effects of it. It will be very useful for people to know it and apply these knowledge.

  8. Javier Sevilla (@JavierSevilla96) says :

    Hello, my name is Javier and I am from Colombia. I was really impressed in this webpage because it is really interesting and all the people who made this webpage need a prize, unbelievable. Air pollution is a huge global problem and i agree with you guys that we need to stop it as soon as possible.

  9. danielortiz14 says :

    This is very interesting and informative, thanks for all the useful things you’ve posted. Air pollution is a huge deal and everyone has to do their best to prevent it. We breathe it, we live because of it, and we can’t do so if it’s polluted.

  10. Maria Camila Covo Ospina says :

    I really liked your webpage it is very informative. Air pollution is a huge deal and everyone has to do their best to prevent it. You did a great job stating all the causes and effects of air pollution. Keep on researching on this topic, you’re doing great.

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